What we do

Project, compliance and facilities management you can rely on.

Our expertise in programme and project management, estates and facilities, and consultancy helps clients achieve their goals. From major capital developments to strategic estates planning and day-to-day site and FM contract management, we can help.


FM Contract Management & Compliance

We take care of your FM needs and manage and advise on your contracts with external service providers, ensuring quality is up to scratch and relieving you of the burden of performance-managing them.

Negotiating contracts with suppliers, monitoring their performance, and securing compliance against legal and other standards can be time-consuming. By listening to your requirements, we negotiate and manage contracts that provide the high quality and value you expect – including compliance against statutory standards, performance-management and quality control. That leaves you free to focus on your core business.

Our NHS background means we work to the highest standards of infection prevention and control, privacy and dignity, health and safety, and equality and diversity.

You can trust us to take care of your FM and contract management and act with integrity and full accountability in everything we do.

Ask us about:

• Facilities management
• Hard FM
• Soft FM
• Contract negotiation
• Setting standards and KPIs
• Performance management
• Corrective / remedial action

Project Management

We provide expert management for projects of all scales and types, from concept development to project initiation, procurement and management of external advisers through to planning, delivery and post-project evaluation.

Our team brings experience of successfully delivering major construction and estates programmes (including the development of several major hospitals), IT projects, service improvement, change management, and much more. Our strengths aren’t limited to meticulous planning and strong project management. We’re also highly responsive to any challenges that arise, finding solutions and keeping the end-goal in sight.

We take the time to understand your organisation, your needs, and how best to support you in achieving your objectives. You will also get open and honest progress reports so you know exactly how things are going.

Ask us about:

• Concept development
• Project initiation
• Project planning
• Recruitment and management of the design team and contractor
• Project management and delivery
• Procurement of medical equipment
• Handover and commissioning (post-construction ‘go-live’)
• Funding models including joint ventures and PFI
• Contracts and procurement
• Post-project evaluation

Strategic Estates Advice

We help you make best use of your estate in the short, medium and long-term by advising on redesign, development and re-organisation to fit your current and future needs.

All sites evolve over time as demands change and new services or models of care develop. As a result, buildings may be extended, refurbished or no longer needed. These changes often happen incrementally. That can mean that, over time, an estate doesn’t function as well as it could, resulting in both operational and financial inefficiencies. The flow of people, services and traffic around a site may be less than ideal; space may not be used as effectively and efficiently as it could.

Our strategic estates advice focuses on the big picture. We look at what you want to achieve from your estate, how you can make better use of existing buildings, and how you can develop the facilities you need for your future. We have in-depth experience in working with staff and design teams to plan and develop healthcare facilities, and our background gives us in-depth understanding of clinical service needs and NHS building regulations.

By taking a holistic approach and understanding your requirements, your resources and your operating environment, we can help you get the best from your estate today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Ask us about:

• Strategic estates planning
• Estates efficiency and effectiveness
• Redesign and remodelling
• Capital development

Capital planning and business case development

We develop capital plans and business cases for projects of all sizes and can help you secure government and stakeholder approval.

We have extensive experience of developing successful business cases for major capital investments by the public sector. That means we can take you from an initial concept right through to strategic and outline cases, public consultation and full business case approval.

Our capital planning helps you protect your resources now and in the future through realistic long-term budgeting, asset management, equipment maintenance and replacement schedules.

Ask us about:

• Capital planning
• Public-sector business cases
• Five-case SOCs, OBCs and FBCs
• Subsidiaries and joint ventures
• Government department / agency approval
• Public consultation and stakeholder support

Complex procurement and organisational structures

We advise and support you on complex procurement, potential delivery models, and setting up subsidiaries, joint ventures, special purpose vehicles and other novel structures.

We have extensive experience in managing the successful procurement of design, construction, fit-out, equipment, and commissioning of major capital developments including large PFI and non-PFI hospitals. And when it comes to complex contract negotiations, securing suppliers who meet the mark both on quality and cost, that experience really counts.

We are equally skilled when it comes to designing and establishing the right organisational structure for your purposes. Drawing on our experience of creating NHS subsidiaries, joint ventures and other SPVs, we can advise you on the options available, help you determine which model is right for you, guide you through the process of establishing new organisations. or even manage it all for you if you wish.

Ask us about:

• Complex procurement
• Complex contract negotiations
• Performance-management including KPI-setting, monitoring and enforcement
• Consultancy on organisational structures and delivery models
• Establishing subsidiary companies
• Establishing joint ventures
• Establishing special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and novel structures
• Securing approval for the creation of new organisations and structures